Esperanza’s Homes of Hope, LLC

Our Facilities

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The house is located in a quiet rural neighborhood of Jamul. It has 6 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, dining room, and two living rooms. The yard is well kept with grassy areas and plants and a fully fenced back yard. The property also has corralled horses and goats.

Esperanza’s Homes of Hope operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Basic Services

The services provided by the facility will be in accordance with and to meet the requirements of, the approved facility Program Design and each client Appraisal/Needs and Services Plan. Services provided by the facility shall be conducted so as to continue and promote, to the furthest extent possible, independence and self-direction for all persons accepted for care. Residents will be encouraged to participate as fully as possible in all daily and independent living activities.

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Basic services shall include the following:

Our Location

Esperanza’s Homes of Hope
13706 Whispering Meadows Ln.
Jamul, CA 91935
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  (619) 825-6159
  (619) 303-3055

Our Philosophy

ESPERANZA’S HOMES OF HOPE is committed to providing a home for persons with developmental disabilities in which services are based on each resident’s needs, interests, values, lifestyle, cultural background, family, spirituality, and dreams. We support the team approach to identify their needs and goals, in order for them to lead the most independent and productive life possible. Our aspiration is to provide a safe and caring place where each consumer is treated with dignity and respect and each would be comfortable to call the residence “my home.”