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The first 30 days will be used to assess the consumer’s level of functioning. This data will be used in conjunction with historical data and CDERs to develop a long range goal.

Functional skills training plans will take the consumer’s current level of ability into consideration as well as materials needed, timeline for review and materials needed to accomplish the goal.

All activities and training will be age appropriate and occur in the most natural environment available. They will occur in the same manner in which they occur with non-disabled adults. (shopping for personal items at local stores, getting a haircut at the local barber etc.)

Training will either be done individually or in small groups not to exceed a 1 staff to 2 consumer ratio. Consumers will be encouraged to increase their independence by use of least restrictive methods of training.

We strive to integrate individuals with developmental disabilities fully into the community. EHOH Provides domestic responsibilities, such as shopping and banking and pursuit of leisurely interests and educational goals. We also week to incorporate community-based learning opportunities such as visiting the library, taking classes at the YMCA, attending local theatre productions, visiting area museums and volunteer work.

Adult Transition program (ATP) combines class and community experiences to help students receive a high school certificate.

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Day Programs

Consumers generally take part in day programs.

Those under age 22 participate in Adult Transitional Programs which address speech-language therapy, social skills training and other life skills.

Consumers over 22 participate in interdisciplinary behavioral health programs aimed at improving their quality of life, independent functioning and interpersonal skills.